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Even if you do not find the desired car in our stock, our professional team will surely find you the car you want and we will bring it to you regardless of which country in the US. it would be. Everything is at a click away!



1. In partnership with specialized institutions, Car Agency offers terms and conditions for fast financing so that the purchase of an imported car from Germany or our stock is as fast as possible

2. We offer our support for choosing the most appropriate financial LEASING package for your business to be cost-effective.

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Address: Str. Emil Garleanu, Nr 11. Voluntari, Ilfov

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"Happiness cannot be leased, but you can lease a car, and that’s
basically the same."


At Car Agency, the professionalism, performance and quality of the car are the first. Every car sold by us has been rigorously tested and tested.

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Share your dreams with us and we will do our best to turn them into reality.

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We are interested in any brand and model of the car, from luxury cars to regular cars.

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Fairness is the word that characterizes us! That's why our prices reflect the real price of our car and our services!

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